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Many families. Many cancers. One common cause.

We aim to empower Australians to investigate their risk, educate the medical profession, evolve campaigns to highlight this genetic condition and achieve equity in access, diagnosis, treatment and hope.

A greatly increased risk of developing cancer across the lifetime

Thousands of Australians estimated to have Lynch syndrome

Over 90% of individuals remain undiagnosed and vulnerable

Australia’s Untold Health Story

A new health report from consumers reveals over 80,000 Australians are at increased risk of developing one or more often-aggressive primary cancers in their lifetime, don’t actually know they’re at risk. Lynch syndrome Australia has released Lynch syndrome: Australia’s untold health story

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Be Informed

Lynch Syndrome Australia is committed to providing up-to-date and timely information to Australian families affected by Lynch syndrome. Our patient education conferences do just that. If you would like to attend one of these conferences, find out more below.

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Your Story

Rowan’s wife just wasn’t convinced. In fact, that May day in 2013, India was pretty sure that he was faking the pain in his stomach to avoid a social engagement later that day. But the Melbourne banker was not pretending, and within a week…

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Know the indicators of Lynch syndrome within a family


3 or more family members diagnosed with a Lynch syndrome associated cancer


2 consecutive generations or more affected


1 affected family member diagnosed with a Lynch syndrome associated cancer before 50 years of age

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