Improving Awareness

One of our main goals at Lynch Syndrome Australia is to continue to spread awareness of this hereditary cancer predisposition. We want the medical community to be aware of the risk and to help make sure people get the right diagnosis, care and surveillance at the right time.

We want to make the thousands of Australians with Lynch syndrome aware that different cancers in the same family can have one cause. And we want those already diagnosed to understand how to protect themselves and to have access to the best advice and latest innovations in treatment, care and prevention. We believe that improved understanding and recognition of Lynch syndrome across the medical professions in our nation would lead to more timely identification of individuals at significantly increased risk of developing cancer in their lifetime. A change that may save many lives.

Medical Professional Awareness

We are using multiple strategies to raise awareness across the medical population to ensure people who are at risk are identified and advised and that best practice surveillance regimes are routinely employed.

Living with Lynch conferences

Our Living with Lynch conferences are attended by families with Lynch syndrome, health professionals and researchers and are designed to provide information about the many aspects of Lynch syndrome diagnosis, surveillance and treatment.

Community engagement events

Lynch syndrome events encourage local communities to engage with the charity, learn about hereditary cancer and consider their own family cancer history.

Lynch syndrome merchandise

Lynch Syndrome Australia has awareness ribbons, bracelets and brochures available nationwide for events and community information sessions. See below for further details.

Help Spread Awareness in Your Community

We believe that all individuals affected by Lynch syndrome have the right to excellent care. We have worked with medical and scientific professionals to develop our GP packs and to provide awareness posters and merchandise which can be downloaded or ordered for use in helping educate and empower your community. Ask your local GP clinic if they would accept a GP pack or display our poster in their waiting room.