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We would encourage everyone connected with this inherited condition to seek help and support from your doctor or health professional should you ever feel the need for emotional support.

Of Hamburgers and Sausages

Rowan’s wife just wasn’t convinced. In fact, that May day in 2013, India was pretty sure that he was faking the pain in his stomach to avoid a social engagement later that day. But the Melbourne banker was not pretending,...
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Guiding her Family to Good Health

Kay is a force of nature. The 74 year-old former accountant, Girl Guides commissioner, Inner Wheel chair and hospital volunteer is almost too busy to be interviewed. From her rural property in Berwick, country Victoria, Kay summarises her life with...
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Finding Out the Hard Way

At 28, Lydia* has had more than her share of Lynch syndrome worry and loss. And she is worrying today. The South Australian healthcare worker is currently considering a move back to her hometown, 600 km away, “So that I...
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