Living with Lynch Conference – Brisbane 2015

Lynch Syndrome Australia returned to the birth-place of these events, Brisbane, on the 12th of September. The event demonstrated just how much the Lynch syndrome community is growing and connecting across Australia with vastly improved attendance compared with just a few short years ago.

The day was an overwhelming success with many people and families affected by Lynch syndrome receiving an opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the condition. This simply could not have been possible without the time and efforts of Dr Rachel Susman, Jan Wakeling, Dr Mark Appleyard, Professor Andreas Obermair and Associate Profressor Anusch Yazdani. Thank you to all the speakers who donated their time and expertise.

In response to the growing interest in information pertaining to pre-implantation genetic diagnosis of Lynch syndrome and IVF, this event included a special talk by Associate Professor Anusch Yazdani and was an excellent summary of the process and things to consider.

Lynch Syndrome Australia was very proud to announce, on the day, that due to his unconditional support of the Lynch syndrome community and the activities of the charity, Professor Andreas Obermair, leader of the Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Cancer was awarded the Appreciation Award.