Living with Lynch Conference – Adelaide 2016

On July 30, 2016 our Living with Lynch conference returned to Adelaide. Once again, Lynch Syndrome Australia (LSA) was incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work in partnership with Cancer Council SA to bring invaluable information to families affected by Lynch syndrome across South Australia.

A particular thank you to our fantastic presenters; Professor Martin Oehler, Dr Nicola Poplawski, Dr Daniel Worthley & Dr Zander-Fox all of whom provided attendees with the opportunity to make informed decisions for themselves and their families moving forward.

For the first time, the conference was also live-streamed as a webinar to families across Australia who were unable to at tend due to remoteness or other circumstances. A huge thank you to Gill Miller and Tania Pleuckhahn for helping us to bring this idea to life and provide hope for those spread across Australia.