Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our primary mission is to serve our Australian communities by focusing on providing support for individuals afflicted with Lynch syndrome, creating public awareness of the syndrome, educating members of the public, outreach to medical professionals, in person, by mail, phone and through exhibiting at medical conferences.


Our Primary Objectives for 2016

Information and Resource

Access to timely, relevant and reliable information for families with Lynch syndrome by developing specific content for inclusion on the website and social media channels. Improve access to timely, relevant and reliable information for health professionals by developing specific content for inclusion on the website and for distribution in both electronic and printed form.

Health Care Reform Contribution

Actively engage in and contribute to the health care reform process, both as a peak body and in collaboration with other consumer organisation to ensure the unique needs and concerns of families with Lynch syndrome are recognised, understood and given due consideration and response.


Strengthen Collaboration

Continue to identify, develop and strengthen our networks and collaborations with peak bodies, cancer support organisations, corporate organisations and academic research teams to ensure that we both benefit from, and actively contribute to, strategic efforts to improve the physical, emotional and financial well-being of families with Lynch syndrome.